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Cold Shoulder Maxi Dresses for Plus Size Partygoers

From an elegant dinner for two or a festive wedding in spring, choosing to wear a cold shoulder maxi dress is good call. With just a little inspiration and imagination for flare, having more than one lovely maxi in your wardrobe makes you look like a million bucks. With nearly dozens of fashion variations to choose from, the best way to describe the style of this ensemble is perfect. While other dresses may not fully complement or work well for plus size women, a fabulous maxi dress is alwaysthe perfect choice. Its cut and flow caresses and accent the physique of any woman with plenty of hips. Moreover, the maxi dress makes the big bust of any full figured woman look awesome, without putting it on display. In the year of 2021, this dress leads the way in fierce style. It is the perfect way to look and feel flawless for summer fun, while making a stunning yet understated statement.

Flower Patterns And Short Loose Sleeves Make A Statement

Small overlapping floral patterns on a nearly pastel blue color make this cold shoulder maxi perfect for spring or summer. The sleeves are suited for warm bright days with occasional cool breezes.

Abstract Visions Of Flowers And Classic Color Paring Create A Bold Combination

As far as long maxi dresses go, the shimmering gold and simple floral design accented with dark outlines make this one ready for the evening. The sleeves, shoulders and short slit in the front add to the overall attention grabbing effect of this dress.

Basic Black and Simply Chic Never Gets old or Passe

The ebony shading and form-fitting feel of this cold shoulder maxi is one of the more popular trends seen in plus size clothes or women’s dresses. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for something to show off your hips, while at the same time giving a “slimming” effect.

Bold Stripes And big Details Show A Sense of Confidence And Control

The bright yellow and black stripes from the neck down meet with big detailed flowers for a “wow” effect on this dress. When it comes to plus size women’s long maxi dresses, this one definitely stands out in a fun way.

More Like A Walking Work Of Art Than Clothing

With a deep rich blend of red, blue and a hint of orange, this cold shoulder cut maxi dress is ideal for summer. This is a look not often seen in plus size women’s appearal, but it should be.

Fun Like A Tropical Getaway

Pretty pink floral patterns on a sunny yellow base make this cold shoulder cut maxi dress good to wear when the weather heats up. With spaghetti straps, the wear and feel of this cold shoulder maxi is light, and it flows well.

Dressing For The End Of The Day

The midnight blue base for this dress is great for the bright flowers that pattern it. The frill across the bust, shoulder straps and mid arm sleeves give it something of a day or night feel.

Impress in this Red Dress

With thin straps, a plunging bust line, flowing sleeves, a slim lariat for the waist and overlaying fronts, this cold shoulder cut maxi dress gives something more. It takes plus size women’s dresses into the realm of gowns.

Simple Meets Bright Colors With Chic Collaboration

For a plus size clothing in women’s appearal, this cold shoulder maxi with a look that is sure to keep its beauty well after 2021. This dress has a basic onynx top with sleeves across the top and sides of the shoulder. The bottom half is made of a thick stripe pattern of pink white and black on a slant.

Long Is the Way To Go

When it comes to long maxi dresses looking like gowns, this simple green ensemble exudes elegance with sleeves that flow over and across the shoulders. It also has a low slit at the bottom of the which allows for free movement.

Something For The Night

Anything in the plus size dress market or women’s wear should be as sensual as this cold shoulder cut maxi dress. This basic dress just floats over the hips and displays an airy flow. The spaghetti straps give a dramatic yet subtle appearance.

Go Big And Go Blue For A Look That Thrills

Not every cold shoulder cut maxi dress has the cool blue, tight neck line and long sleeves that like this one does. And, it hugs the hips unlike some other plus size dresses.

A Little Bit Of Urban Design In Fashion

The plus size market for 2021 needs something like this black and white cold shoulder cut maxi dress with its brick-like pattern. The sleeves have a unique cut to them that go over the shoulder and plunge to the mid arm.

Basic Midnight Dress

This basic evening dress has a plunging bust line, open sleeves and a thin jet belt for a touch of grace. It meets just under the bust and adds a level of comfort and sensuality.

An Evening Dress With Grace And Elegance

With open sleeves, belted waistline, this dress has an innovative drape that features a sheer long skirt over a solid short one. The open neckline is fun and alluring and goes well with the sleeves that start below the shoulder and reach the forearm.

Flowers And Flow Make This Dress Glow

A tight neckline and sleeves that drape to the middle of the arm below the shoulder accent this white dress with floral pattern. It is good for summer and summer night.

Details And Color Come together

Ruffles and accents of lace make this dress flow and with low open sleeves. These details work well with the grey color to give it a sophisticated look.

A Fitting Dress For Sipping Wine

Lace from shoulder to toe make this maroon piece a knock out. The solid underlayer starts at the bust and wraps around just under the shoulder.

This Airy Blue Dress Is Beautiful

Ruffles and ridges make this blue dress fun with fringes around the bustline, a thick bold hem and thin shoulder straps. The plunge is low but does not dip.

Bold Red Color

Bold color and a really long drape are the best things about this velvety dress. However, even more wow can be found in the sleeves.

Throughout 2021, the cold shoulder cut maxi dress can be found in colors from charcoal to eggshell and comes in all kinds of patterns. They are great for day and night events. But most of all, they make the wearer feel beautiful all over.

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  1. Laurie April 12, 2019 - 9:55 am Reply

    Thank you so much for including this post about off the cold shoulder long dresses in plus size fashion! As a plus size woman this is very helpful in how to accentuate the body with different styles, like ruffles. Since the spring is here, shopping will be a a lot easier!

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