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Plus Size Maxi Dress Trends for the Beach 2021

Spending a day at the beach is a great way to enjoy the balmy weather. Staying comfortable on the beach sands or walking around nearby shopping areas is a must. Plus size women sometimes have a difficult time finding the right beach maxi dress. We’ve compiled a list of the most beautiful plus size summer beach dresses of 2021 below. Plus size women will be able to find their perfect fit in these maxi dresses.

Floral Halter Top – Relaxed beauty

This halter top maxi dress looks just right with a knee high slit and a baby pink background. Feel breezy and cool in this lovely full figured dress. Pair with some gladiator sandals and a large sunhat. Don’t forget your sunglasses!

Grey Cold Shoulder – Structure and comfort

Stay comfortable and feel protected in this lovely jersey maxi dress. The cold shoulders and wrapped top look stunning on women’s big bust. It will pair well with some flashy jewelry.

Bathing Suit Cover Dress – Functionality and a great look

Look like a star with this thin and breathable material. This maxi dress with sleeves is perfect for plus size women. It will pair well with any colored swim suit and a simple pair of dangle earrings.

Layered Skirt Dress – Walk on the boardwalk and in the sand

Pair this dress with an adorable hat for the complete look. The tiered skirt suits women’s big hips and a full figure, and the top provides excellent coverage while leaving the shoulders bare.

Strapless Maxi Dress – Seaside fun

This maxi dress has a bright fun pattern and a rouged strapless top and is a perfect choice for plus size women! Take gowns like this out with flashy jewelry and have a blast at any beach party.

Flowy Palm Print – Show off your sandals

Feel your best in this palm print on black maxi dress. The different colors on this popular trends palm pattern make the dress look exceptional when a breeze tugs it. Pair this dress with some gladiator sandals for a great look.

Off the Shoulder Rouged Maxi Dress – Take style up a notch

Make a statement with this gorgeous dress. The off the shoulder rouged top with sleeves give plus size women’s hips all the right attention. The double slit feature allows you to move in comfort.

Star Pattern Beach Coverup – Perfect for water activities

If you’re going to be going onto a boat or doing activities right on the beach, this maxi dress will suit you. The pretty star pattern adds a glittering pop to this coverup, and it works great for plumpy ladies!

Romantic Black Maxi Dress – Enjoy romantic walks

Take a lovely and romantic stroll across the beach under the night sky with this flowy, breathable maxi dress. If you want to feel like a mermaid this 2021, pair it with some beach-inspired jewelry.

Strapless Chevron – Effortless comfort

This long beach dress sports a pretty black and white chevron pattern for the bust and a long flowing blue bottom. You could dine and shop comfortably in gowns like this. Pair with a statement necklace or some bracelets for a glamorous look.

Stylish Coverup – Turn heads wherever you go

This knock out maxi dress has a fun pattern and thin straps with a low v-neck. This beauty suits women’s hips and with the tapered handkerchief hem, it moves beautifully. Pair this stunning dress with your favorite strappy sandals and a necklace.

Sunshine Yellow Dress – Framed by the scenery

This maxi dress is a lovely daffodil yellow and with a pleated skirt, it complements the scene perfectly. This dress is ideal for walking along the water’s edge with a beach attire.

Simple Coverup – Classy and elegant

This maxi dress looks simple, and because of that, it will flatter plus size women’s body perfectly. This dress hangs off your curves, and with a decorated neck line, it looks like a luxury coverup for a resort look. It has full coverage for any type of swimsuit.

Strapless Rouge in Black – A forever classic

This beach maxi dress is coming back this 2021 and follows a curvy woman perfectly. Wear this with a large sun hat and some fun sunglasses to complete the look. You could swap out the hat for a large beach bag too.

Colorful Rising Hem Dress – Breezy and comfortable

A rising hemline in the front allows easy movement for you and effortless flowing for the maxi dress. The top of this floral dress fits a big bust securely. Pair this look with a long necklace and some pretty strappy sandals.

Southwestern Halter – Bring the desert to the water

This southwestern print has all the colors of the desert on it, and all the personality of a beach maxi dress! It’s comfortable and breathable fabric pair great with fancy sandals and bracelets. Take your desert heart to the beach and enjoy the water.

Baby Blue Wrap Dress – Coverup and stylish dress all in one

This maxi dress is actually a long piece of fabric with the shoulder straps. It is worn by putting one shoulder strap on and wrapping the fabric around your body, almost like a towel, and sliding the other strap on. This is a beach maxi dress that’s easy to fit over a wet suit!

Nautical Beach Maxi Dress – Inspired by the sea

Long beach dresses with a nautical look are in. The pleated front top gives structure, the ship rope belt offers a unique look and the horizontal striped skirt really plays into the nautical look. Pair with bright red shoes to bring this look home.

Strapless Sheer Ombre – Luxurious cover up for strapless swimsuits

Wear this beach maxi dress as a coverup for a strapless swimsuit or take this dress to a fun beach party. The sheer fabric accentuates the ombre pattern and looks great with a glittery necklace.

Peekaboo Palm Pattern Maxi Dress – A great dress for shopping by the beach

This dress has structure for the bust and waist, with peekaboo cut outs for summer give it a lovely feel. The print is palm leaves on white, and looks great on the boardwalk! Pair with a large bag and sunhat.

Whether looking for support, a fashion or comfort, plus size women will find exactly what they need with these long beach dresses. Spend the day shopping or collecting seashells in these fashionable dresses. Whether you want to spend the day lounging on the beach with friends, partaking in seaside and water activities or just window shopping, there is a style and a beautiful dress for you. Plus size beach maxi dresses are a big hit for 2021. With these dresses to choose from, plus size women will look stylish and feel great all summer long.

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  1. JoanPrice March 15, 2019 - 9:14 am Reply

    Thank you for featuring maxi dress styles that help bigger women develop a sense of freedom in many different places. They are a wonderful middle ground between formal, and revealing. I especially love the inventiveness of the new blue and white chevron design. I can’t wait to wear this one to my best friend’s country club reception.

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