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Tuxedo Design Dress for the Beautiful Buxom Figure

It can be difficult to find varied, stylish clothing if you’re a plus size woman, and it can especially hard to find them in new styles. But it’s 2021, and plus-sized women shouldn’t have to be limited by their size and should be able to have their favorite styles and gowns in a size that flatters their body. Check out our selection of womens tuxedo dress and suit below.

Stylish Blue Tuxedo Dress – perfect choice for plus size women

This blue women’s tuxedo dress is a great choice for cool weather. It is a long sleeve dress that flatters women with a big bust.

Stunning cold shoulder tuxedo dress – great for a summer party

Stunning cold shoulder tuxedo dress

This black nearly sleeveless cold shoulder tuxedo dress is perfect for a full figured woman. It slims hips while highlighting the natural curves of your body, and provides an alternative to a sleeveless dress.

Fashionable black v-neck tuxedo dress – artistic and flattering

Fashionable black v-neck tuxedo dress

If you’re looking for a dress that looks formal without sacrificing style, this dress is a wonderful option. It’s a trend this season for women’s dresses to blend masculine and feminine style, and this dress does so perfectly.

Slimming black and white tuxedo dress helps you lose the belly

Slimming black and white tuxedo dress helps you lose the belly

This dress’s vertical stripes create a slimming effect that minimizes the appearance of your hips and is perfect for a plus size woman. It’s one of the best choices if you’re looking for a dress that slims your frame and is long sleeve.

Non-symmetrical black tuxedo dress is stylish and different for a night out

This long tuxedo dress is perfect for plus size ladies and is a wonderful stylish choice for your 2021 wardrobe. The long sleeve style makes your arms gorgeous and highlights your natural beauty.

Hourglass tuxedo dress flatters your figure for a party

This tuxedo dress creates an hourglass figure and features a deep v-neck, and is a wonderful fashion choice if you want to show your stunning figure at a party. It takes advantage of naturally large hips to create a perfect figure.

Gold and cream tuxedo dress will draw eyes at any party you attend

In 2021, you don’t have to be limited to dark colors when choosing a dress that will highlight your figure. This long tuxedo dress would be great paired with a trendy accessory such as a purse, or a pearl necklace. The gold collar and buttons complement the cream color of the dress.

Black tux shirt dress provides an alternative style for a party

This tux shirt dress is a bold choice for women’s fashion, but one that is sure to pay off. Strike a bold figure in 2021 with a new style of dress and show men that they’re not the only ones who can pull off a button down shirt.

Stylish black tuxedo dress is versatile for a party or a brisk walk outside

Look confident in this stylish black tuxedo dress with gold buttons that flatters your plus size body.

V-neck tuxedo dress shows your sexiness at a party

This black tuxedo dress features a v-neck and a leg slit for the ultimate sexy appearance. It also has a satin collar and beautiful white buttons. It’s an elegant and sexy choice for a party.

Sparkly tuxedo dress provides glitz for a party

This sparkly tuxedo dress will make you smile with its shine and smooth collars. It’s great for a plus size woman who isn’t afraid to shine at a party, and features a leg slit for extra style – leave boring in 2018, bring sparkle into 2021!

Maroon tuxedo dress makes a daring statement at a party

This maroon dress is made by the same makers as the previous dress and is great for women’s style. It’s a daring color, with a deep leg slit as well.

Long sleeve dress with lace adds delicacy to your wardrobe

This V-neck tuxedo dress is built to highlight your waist and draw attention to your chest with its delicate lace. It mixes the sturdiness of a traditional womens tuxedo suit or dress with gorgeous lace for a stunning outfit for a stunning plus size woman.

Sharp tuxedo dress slims and flatters for a night out

This tuxedo suit dress is flattering and is wonderful women’s style for a plus size lady It’s fairly short, and can be paired with heels to show off your legs.

White tuxedo dress helps you stand out from the crowd at a party

Make the most of your big bust with this smart white tuxedo jacket dress. Modeled after a typical jacket, but with a feminine touch, this gorgeous dress can make any plus size woman feel at home with her 2021 wardrobe.

Colorful tuxedo dress breaks free of the monotony for a stylish option

The stylish pattern of this black, white and pink dress blends patterns with serious style. Pair it with heels or flats in a complementary color to complete the look

Red tuxedo dress provides a burst of color for winter

This red tuxedo dress has a provocative color and long sleeves, covering you with its gorgeous red color. It will flatter your figure and be comfortable on your arms.

Pale pink dress complements your skin at a party

This pale pink dress complements the natural pink of your skin, and its pearl buttons are luxurious. Its v-neck structure helps you cut a sharp figure.

Blue tuxedo dress is perfect for a party or work event

This blue tuxedo dress is perfect for a woman on the go, at a work function or a party. It is slimming and highlights your legs for a wonderful effect. It can be paired with heels, flats or complementary jewelry for an extra fashionable effect.

Soft v-neck tuxedo dress is luxurious for a party

This black tuxedo dress creates an hourglass figure and has a sexy leg slit and v-neck. Sparkling jewelry can make it extra flashy for a party, and it pairs well with high heels or flats.

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  1. Sarah Shimizu March 18, 2019 - 9:18 am Reply

    I just love the way the white tuxedo dress matches anything that the male members of our wedding party will be wearing. This design is proof that simplicity is dazzling. Thank you for being so concerned with helping fuller women feel comfortable in trendy clothing. Four buttons at the right height are absolutely perfect.

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