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20 Exotic Trends in Plus Size Hawaiian Wedding Dresses

When it comes to a wedding, the biggest question for a bride is what to wear. Not only do they want to keep up with the fashion trends, but they want to make sure they pick one of the best gowns possible without looking like they’re wearing a muumuu. In addition, they want their attire to stand out more than just normal bridesmaid dresses. Right now, Hawaiian styled dresses are in and here are 20 of the best wedding gowns for plus size women in 2021.

Beautiful Wedding Gown with Ruffles – Great for the bride that wants to be simple yet elegant

Not only is this plus size dress loose on the hips, but it doesn’t show too much cleavage. In addition, it’s beautiful on its own so you don’t even have to add anything.

Hawaiian Patterned Long Wedding Gown – Perfect for the bride who wants something a little eye catching

This mermaid women’s dress is simple yet eye catching. The designs are beautiful without being over the top. It hugs the hips and curves so you’re sure to feel absolutely beautiful.

White Hawaiian Dress with Sleeves – Great for the women who wants the traditional Hawaiian look

If you want traditional, then this dress is perfect. Not only does it flatter plus size women, but it has the feeling of innocence. Add a flower crown to finish off the look.

Long Patterned Dress with Sleeves – Perfect choice for the bride who wants traditional yet eye catching

This is another dress that would be perfect if you added a flower crown. It’s traditional while having a stunning design. In addition, the ruffled sleeves gives this women’s dress the feeling of being timeless.

Women’s Sexy Hawaiian Beach Gown – Great option for bridesmaid dresses

Not only are these dresses sexy, but they’re sure to have all eyes on you! If you want something breathtaking and head turning, then this is an awesome choice during your 2021 wedding.

Flowing White Hawaiian Wedding Gown – Perfect for the bride that wants a fairytale style dress

This plus size dress has a big and flowing train, which gives the feeling of a true fairytale wedding. Pair it with a beautiful necklace and flower crown to get the perfect look!

Beautiful V-Neck Elegant Bridal Gown – Great for women who are full figured

This beautiful women’s dress is sure to make you feel beautiful. The top gives enough support for ladies with bigger chests and the bottom is loose enough so it isn’t too tight on your curves.

Beautiful Off Shoulder Wedding Dress – Great for brides who want traditional yet sexy

Not only is this gown timeless, but it’s traditional. If that’s what you’re going for with your wedding, then this is perfect for you! All eyes will be on you as you walk towards your future husband!

Gorgeous Flowing V-Neck Bridal Gown – Great for women who are full figured with a big bust

If you want something that is flowing and flattering, then you’ve found the perfect dress! In addition, the top has beautiful beadwork, which is beautiful all on its own! Add a hairpiece and you’ve got your wedding outfit!

Simple Strapless Long Wedding Gown – Great for plus size brides

Searching for something simple yet chic? If so, this is the dress for you. It doesn’t have any overbearing designs and it’s simple while flattering. Complete your look by adding a pair of stud earrings and simple necklace!

White Mermaid Gown with Belt – Perfect for those brides that have curves

Not only does this dress hug your curves, but the belt gives it a little bit of sparkle. The top part gives plenty of support and is sure to keep the chest in place.

Long and Simple V-Neck Gown – Fantastic choice for brides who just want to stay traditional

If your 2021 wedding is all about simplicity and romance, then this dress goes with it perfectly! It’s beautiful without being too flashy or over the top. It’s perfect for the couple who want a small and romantic wedding.

Long Sleeved White Wedding Gown – Great for brides who want something casual and beautiful

This dress is great for the wedding that’s all about being casual and the union between husband and wife. It’s beautiful without taking away from the true meaning of the day!

Long and Lacy V-Neck Gown – Wonderful choice for plus size brides with a bigger bust

With simple beadwork and a long flowing train, this dress is sure to make you feel stunning. In addition, the way the top is made ensures that there won’t be any malfunctions!

Lacy and Intricate Mermaid Gown – Perfect for brides who want the dress to hug their curves!

This dress is so beautiful that you don’t even have to add anything. The design of the lace is beautiful by itself and is made to hug every curve.

Open Back Design Wedding Gown – Great for brides who want sexy and stunning

This next wedding gown is the epitome of sexy and sophisticated. The back has an open design so it’s sexy without being risque or inappropriate. The train is flowing so you’ll feel just like a princess!

Off Shoulder White Lacy Gown – Stunning choice for brides who are looking for traditional with an intricate design

This is another dress that doesn’t need any jewelry added! Not only is the lace detail intricate, but it stands out on its own! Add a sparkly headpiece with a veil and your look is complete.

White Strapless Cinched Wedding Dress – Amazing choice for women who have bigger hips!

The cinching in the middle of this dress is great for hiding any imperfections. In addition, it helps keep the top tight so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out.

Layered Wedding Gown with Sleeves – Great choice for a traditional Hawaiian wedding

Here’s another dress that’s great for a traditional Hawaiian wedding. All you have to do is add a stunning floral crown and you’re set.

Stunning White and Blue Gown – Amazing for brides who want a little bit of color

Perfect for the bride who wants traditional with a little pop of color. It isn’t overbearing and it’s sure to make the bride look stunning.

As you can see, these 2021 women’s plus size dresses are stunning and gorgeous. Not only do they flatter curvier body types, but they also hug all the curves. If you’re searching for a beautiful Hawaiian dress for your wedding, then all of these are great choices.

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