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Gorgeous Full Figure Convertible Dresses – Latest Trends for 2021

Are you a curvy, full figured diva? Are you looking for a beautiful, convertible wrap dress, a plus size convertible dress, or evening gowns, just in time for the spring and summer 2021 round of parties and weddings? Do you like dresses that give the nod to modern-day trends but are classy and sexy? We have stunning convertible dresses, long, and short dresses in a variety of luscious colors that will show off your best assets. We are certain one (or more) of these dresses will be a perfect choice for you. All of our dresses are women’s, plus size fashions that will drape your body perfectly.

This show-stopping long, brown convertible dress will turn heads

While wearing one of our convertible dress styles, all eyes will be on you when you enter the room in this velvety brown convertible wrap dress. Designed for women’s plus size, this gown minimizes your bust while the sash at the waist accentuates your hourglass figure. The side bow adds drama and elegance.

Dark fuchsia wrap dress brings out your inner diva

The other guests will think a movie or pop star has entered the room when they see you in this dark, long fuchsia gown. With the soft lines and flowing skirt, this is the perfect maternity dress for the mother-to-be.

Dark turquoise convertible maxi dress evokes the mystery of the ocean

With a dramatic, crisscross bodice and a sash accentuating your waistline, minimal jewelry completes this elegant look. Hoop earrings and a cuff bracelet are all you need to make a bold fashion statement in this convertible dress.

This hot dress will make you feel like royalty

If purple is the color of kings and queens, you will feel right at home with the Royals in this short, flirty one-shoulder dress. The color is so bold too much jewelry would detract from the majesty of this dress. The wide sash pulls the eye to your small waistline.

Light turquoise convertible dress exudes class

This light turquoise convertible maxi dress will make you feel like the bell of the ball. The bold color will make you stand out in a crowd. No standing in the corner with this beauty. The plunging v-shaped neckline draws attention to your beautiful face.

Light fuchsia with plunging v-shaped neckline is sexy and flirty

This fuchsia beauty with a loose, full skirt and plunging v-shaped neckline was meant to be on the dance floor. Reminiscent of the days of Old Hollywood, wearing this beauty will ensure your dance card is full.

Luscious aqua dress makes you stand out in a crowd

When you walk into the room in this soft, flowy beauty, all eyes will turn to you and all people will be thinking, “Wow!” The dress outlines a perfect silhouette, and as a convertible dress in women’s plus size, you can drape the bodice to make many dresses.

You can dance the night away in this blue-green maxi dress

This halter-top dress will have people comparing you to the ultimate diva, Marilyn Monroe. Diamond stud earrings and perhaps a cuff bracelet will compliment and not detract from the beauty of this perfect women’s plus size dress.

You will feel like a gem in this garnet colored dress

This dress is the color of the gemstone garnet, exudes power and sensuality. You can walk into any room confident and assured because this women’s plus size dress will let people know you are in charge to infinity and beyond.

This hot pink and dark blue ensemble is a perfect combination

This stunning hot pink and navy blue ensemble signals your artistic and sensual nature. The bow, tied in empire style accentuates your waistline.

This hot pink, short dress will have you flirting the night away

This convertible dress for plus size women is a hit. The cap sleeves and strapless bodice provides the perfect frame for a pair of bold earrings or a statement necklace. The skirt signals you are ready to dance!

Feel like a queen in this pink, off the shoulder, draped beauty

Your friends called you the drama queen when you were in high school, and this draped, hot pink dress will have you living up to your friend’s expectations. This dress is not for the woman who thinks she is ordinary.

There is nothing hotter than a woman in a red dress

You will sizzle in this hot number, and all eyes will be on you. People will wonder, “Who is that hot and sophisticated woman who just entered the room?” With a fitted bodice and full skirt, this dress is perfect for women who are a plus size.

This green dress will make you feel like a goddess from Greece or Rome

Aphrodite and Venus will wish they were alive in 2021! They would be green with envy if they saw you in this gorgeous convertible dress for plus size women. The off-the-shoulder draping adds more drama.

This flowy and beautiful blue gown will make you feel like a million bucks

This gorgeous, blue convertible wrap dress extends your beauty to infinity and beyond. The loose and flowy skirt will hide any imperfections.

This black striped dress is fierce

Beyoncé’s stage persona is Sasha Fierce, and you will look fierce in this hip-hugging, shape flattering, convertible dress with sleeveless bodice and horizontal stripes. Walk into your fierceness, diva!

This champagne-colored dress makes a fashion statement

This soft, champagne colored dress is made for dancing. You can dance the night away in this beautiful sleeveless dress with a plunging v-shaped neckline.

This dress is red carpet ready

Release your inner diva in this hot, figure-hugging dress with the dramatic asymmetrical bodice. You will turn heads as people wonder if you have just won a 2021 Grammy or an Emmy!

This white wrap dress will look stunning as you dance in the moonlight

Imagine dancing the night away with the moonlight shimmering on this gorgeous strapless gown. You will look like a vision of loveliness with understated jewelry and strappy pumps.

This beauty is the perfect choice for a dinner or cocktail party

This empire waist chiffon dress in deep purple with a blue overlay is the perfect outfit whether you’re going dancing, to a fancy dinner party, or a cocktail party.

These stunning gowns whether in black, shades of pink, or light blue, compliment any plus size figure. Whether you feel you have a big bust or big hips, these dresses compliment your beauty. Some of the dresses are short and flirty while others are long, maxi dresses. Any length is great. Rather than thinking these fashions are for plumpy ladies, think of these gorgeous pieces as clothes designed for the woman who is above average!

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  1. Marina Tharpe March 16, 2019 - 9:12 am Reply

    I agree that white works really well on full figures if it is allowed to flow. Wedding planners should know that all girls love to move and dance at weddings and receptions. Thank you for featuring a convertible wrap style that holds attraction with the couture of the day. This dress is also a fun canvass for interesting jewelry pieces.

  2. Cindy Sizemore April 12, 2019 - 10:05 am Reply

    Convertible full figure dresses are so hot for 2019! Thank you for all the gorgeous images to that help give a better idea how to wear a convertible dress. The post was so helpful as it reminds me how to find my inner diva! Can’t wait to shop for this summer.

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