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Gothic wedding dress plus size

It’s hard enough to find a traditional plus size wedding dress and especially hard to find a black gothic dress. With it being 2021, more and more brides are choosing to go the non-traditional route and some have decided to opt for a gothic wedding dress style. Most people automatically assume that dresses in these have to be black gothic but there are other colors that stand out as well. We’re going to look at 20 of the top plus size gothic wedding dresses for 2021.

Elegant Black Dress – Great for the bride who wants gothic and elegant

The plus size gothic gown is not only beautiful but very flattering for a woman with a full figure! The lace is intricate and beautiful and looks great on the arms! The bottom flows beautifully and is very flattering for those with big hips!

Simple Gothic Dress – Great for indoors summer weddings

In terms of gothic gowns, this one is more reserved and understated. On the other hand, if you’re on the lookout for gothic bridesmaid dresses, then this is a great choice! It’s flattering to plus size brides and would look great with a simple yet elegant piece of jewelry!

Feathered Gothic Dress – Great for outside weddings in cool weather

This is one of the plus size gothic dresses that are great for ladies that are full figured. The feathered skirt is flowing and is great for making the whole body look slimmer!

Long Sleeved Black Lace – Great for outside gothic weddings

The lace on this plus size goth gown has beautiful lace with an intricate design. The flowing skirt will make any bride look whimsical and elegant! Pair it with a simple necklace and it’ll complete the look!

Purple Ruffled Dress- Great for brides who want something different than traditional

The purple in this dress isn’t too dark or too bright. It’s the perfect color to make any bride stand out! The bottom has thousands of ruffles and makes the dress looks fuller and fluffier than other ones!

Red and White Gothic Victorian Gown – Perfect for elegant and traditional weddings

In terms of gothic dresses, this is a new look that many people are just starting to fall in love with. It’s great for any wedding that is Victorian or fantasy themed!

Elegant Red Dress – Perfect for a bride who wants all eyes on her

This plus size dress is gorgeous on its own, but would also look amazing with an added gothic hoodie! You could also find a fantasy themed necklace. These together will give the entire look an amazing and elegant look!

Black and White Gothic Gown – Perfect choice for nontraditional and slightly gothic weddings

This dress brings white and black together beautifully. It flows and lays together perfectly and the entire dress comes out beautiful and elegant. If you’re looking for something non-traditional yet elegant, then this is the dress for you!

Black Lace Gothic Dress – The ultimate dress that represents gothic and elegance

This black dress really screams gothic. The skirt lays beautifully and makes natural layers that really flatter a full figured body. The lace design is intricate and elegant as well.

Flowing Black and Red Gothic Gown – Perfect for an ultimate gothic themed wedding

This dress is one that you would see women who absolutely love the gothic culture wearing. The colors go together beautifully and the bottom is poofy and full!

Black and Red Flowing Dress – Perfect for brides with an elegant and whimsical wedding

Adding a gothic styled necklace to this dress will really bring the whole thing together. It’s great for a gothic queen or fantasy theme! If that’s something you want, then this is the perfect dress for you!

Red Ruffled Gown – Perfect for a semi-goth/punk wedding

This red dress has beautiful, sprakly accents all over the skirt. It also has a lot of sparkling designs on the top part of the dress. Not only would this make a great wedding dress, but you could also wear it to other elegant or fancy events!

Burgundy Gothic Steampunk Dress – Great for a wedding with a gothic steampunk theme!

For a steampunk themed wedding, this dress is the best choice. Not only will you be the center of attention, but you’ll look and feel beautiful! The overall design of the dress is extremely flattering for several different body types, including plus size.

Gorgeous Black Gothic Dress – perfect for an elegant gothic wedding

Adding a black veil and flowers will make this dress really stand out. The ruffles flatter all body types and the long sleeves make it so you can wear it even in cold weather!

Traditional Gothic Gown – Great for the bride who wants to have a traditional gothic dress

Adding a traditional gothic necklace to this dress will bring everything together. This particular dress is great for weddings that are more traditional gothic and/or creepy inspired. You’re sure to turn everyone’s heads!

Long Sleeve Gothic Elegant Dress – Great for the bride who wants a touch of gothic and elegance.

For starters, the skirt part of this dress really flatters full-figured women. In addition, the entire top and sleeves are made up of beautiful and intricately designed lace. The way it sits together makes it look like it’s 2 separate pieces that fit perfectly together!

Red Gothic Saloon Style Dress – Great for brides who want to stand out at their old-timey wedding

Not only does this dress have a lot of sparkle, but it is perfect for any woman with a big bust measurement. The beautiful dress is so beautiful on its own that you wouldn’t even have to add any jewelry!

Red and Black Plaid Dress- Great for the bride that wants a gothic look with a little more design

This dress really stands out and is great for an Irish and/or gothic themed wedding. The plaid is beautiful without being overbearing and the cape really brings everything together beautifully.

Long Sleeve Gothic Medieval Dress – Perfect choice for the bride who wants a nature inspired wedding

This is another dress that would look great with a hood! Underneath the hood, you could add some kind of witchy headpiece. It’ll make you look whimsical and magical. You could even add a little necklace to make the dress really stand out.

Romantic Black Lace Dress – Great for the bride who wants to be romantic yet sexy

This dress is great for a traditional gothic themed wedding. It’s a beautiful velvet material with an intricate lace design. You can also tie the ribbon in pretty much any design you want!

If you’re a plus size bride looking for a gothic wedding dress in 2021, then these are great choices. Add in a few simple pieces of jewelry and the look will be complete! You’re sure to look breathtaking and gorgeous any any of these dresses!

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    Thank you for writing such a lovely piece on plus size Gothic wedding dresses. This post is so helpful while thinking about wedding dress shopping. The included images are especially helpful and gave me a better idea of what to shop for. Loved the colors suggested! Thanks so much!

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